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Well Mannered Dogs


Do you ever yell at your dog?  Do you tense up with stress when they are not acting as you wish they would? Dogs are sensitive to your emotional state.  They pick up on your stress and they themselves get stressed. You will enjoy your furry family members most when you understand them and they understand you.  Building a foundation of understanding and trust will create a healthy owner/dog relationship.

The Purple Dog’s goal is to have you thoroughly enjoy your best friend all the time.  Regular DayCare stays at The Purple Dog provide play and socialization.  Dogs are naturally pack animals.  They like and need the opportunity to interact with other dogs. 

We also provide an opportunity for professional dog training. Tasha Grieser of Better Friends Dog Training is a certified trainer.  She comes to The Purple Dog on class days to work with you and your dog in a group setting.  Classes are limited so inquire with us as to when the next classes are scheduled.

For more information on Tasha and her services visit