Full Service Dog Grooming!

They Look & Feel Better …

You Enjoy Them More!



The Purple Dog Grooming Defiance

– A healthy, clean smelling dog is appreciated by all.  Our regular grooming services achieve this goal.

  • Our Services Include:

    • Bathing
    • Blow Drying
    • Desheding
    • Face, Feet, and Tail Trimming
    • Gland expression
    • Nail trim
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Oral Care / Teeth Cleaning
    • Feet Pad and Sanitary area trimmings
    • Full Groom
  • Save Money with our Package Pricing!

    • Bathing Packages
    • Desheding Packages
    • Full Groom Packages
    • Spruce Me Up Packages
  • ALSO Available:

    • Special Spa Treatments
      • Facial Massage
      • Full Body Massage
      • Coat Conditioner
      • Polished Nails
  • PRICING: We stay competitive with our pricing. Because there are so many variables (size and temperament of dog, coat type, coat condition, time since last groom, etc) We prefer for our groomer to give you an estimated price for your dog’s individual needs.

The Purple Dog Grooming Difference!

 Does your dog enjoy their grooming experiences? They should!  This is what we practice at The Purple Dog to best serve your furry family members:

  • A Truly Caring and Experienced Groomer
    • Devon started grooming in 2013. By 2015 it became obvious that this was her passion and she’s found herself professionally grooming ever since then.
    • Available to your fur babies is the latest information on best practices and new products because of her dedication to the industry. She attends grooming conventions and reads industry publications.
    • Patience with each dog and takes breaks if your dog is showing any signs of stress
    • There are NO “surprises” when you come to pick-up your dog because of the excellent communications she maintains with owners
    • Owners are informed of any health issues that may be noticed during her grooming sessions
    • Devon is always willing to share her experience and assist owners in selecting products that best fit their dog’s needs
  • General Stress-Reducing Grooming Practices
    • The Purple Dog schedules a limited number of appointments per day.
    • Devon preforms services from bathing to finishing touches and everything in between for one dog at a time. Our other pet care providers assist when needed.
    • To minimize distractions, we have a quieter, dedicated room just for grooming.
    • Calming music and an essential oil diffuser are commonly used in this area.
    • As allowed, good doggies get goodie treats!